“The key to making a good business decision is finding the right questions to ask.”

Jamie Matthews

Master Teacher


  • Co-founder and mentor for Explore Austin, a non-profit dedicated to mentoring and building leadership skills in young boys and girls through outdoor adventures
  • Owner and Principal in successful real estate transactions in Texas, Colorado, and California
  • Co-founder of The Tecumseh Foundation, a Texas-based foundation that supports a wide variety of charities, scholarship programs, and non-profits
  • Founder and Owner of The Pond Hockey Club, a hockey facility in Austin, TX that hosts both youth and adult hockey leagues.
  • MBA, Acton; MBA, National University (California); B.A., psychology, Vanderbilt University

Jamie learned how to search for the right questions as member of the first class of Acton Scholars. Shortly after graduation, he joined forces with former classmate Carter Higley and Carter’s wife, Jamil Mullen, to establish LEAD (Letting Everyone Achieve Dreams), a non-profit that takes inner-city children to summer wilderness programs in Wyoming. Building on LEAD’s concept, Jamie co-founded and is a mentor for Explore Austin, a non-profit that mentors and builds leadership skills in young boys through outdoor adventures. In addition to his work with Explore Austin, Jamie continues his business in commercial and residential real estate. He is also the first Acton alumnus to become a Master Teacher at the Acton School of Business. Jamie explains his reasons for wanting to return to Acton as a teacher: “I believe that there are three things I can do in any one day to make that day purposeful and rewarding: spend time with those that I love, pursue predetermined goals and self-knowledge, and give back to my community. Teaching is one of the few activities I can think of that addresses all three. I fully expect to learn more from the students than they could ever learn from me.”

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